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Create giant puppets, creatures or sculptural lanterns. 

Link to = Denmark and Germany 

Workshops – Community and schools 

“A talented and experienced community artist Sue is always calm under pressure, she inspires while supporting participants, fellow artists and volunteers.” 

  • Leading participants from concept to finished artwork ready for event. 

  • Consultation to explore and develop your theme

  • Delivering developed and appropriate artwork for the participants - taking into consideration abilities, ages and the timescales. 

  • Encouragement and support to all involved. 

  • Maintaining a positive and innovative attitude 

  • Delivery evaluation

  • Risk assessment, safeguarding and health and safety protocols. 


Choose from the following options:  

1, Lantern or Parade art artwork towards a Light night or parade, celebration or event. 

2, Community costume for parade, theatre or event. 

Please Contact me here. 

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